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Health and Safety

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Immunizations – The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services requirement is to provide a current record of your child’s immunizations to file at Council Oak Preschool by the first day of school. A signature of their personal physician, health care clinic, or stamp is required on the form. You will be notified if your child reaches the age of a required immunization during the school year. Effective, September 1, 2015, Council Oak Preschool will no longer accept students whose parents/guardians will not permit vaccination. All children must be current on all vaccinations, on a vaccination catch-up schedule, or have a medical reason for their exemption.

Vision and Hearing Screening – The Texas Department of Health requires screening of all children 4 & 5 years of age for hearing and vision problems. This will be offered during the school year at a minimal charge. If you do not participate in this screening, it will be your responsibility to obtain it elsewhere and bring the results of your screening to the Preschool office.

Biting – Any child who repeatedly bites other children will be asked to withdraw from the preschool program. Each case will be handled on an individual basis.

Playground and Walkway Guidelines – Please follow these playground guidelines when playing on the playground before and after school.  This will keep the rules consistent for the children when they are in our care:

1. Children are not allowed to climb on the fencing around the outside perimeter of the facility or play ground area.

2. Children are not allowed to climb on the perimeter of the fountain at any time.

3. Tree climbing is not allowed.

4. Children should walk to and from the facility in close proximity of their parent.

5. Outside playground equipment must not be moved – pails, shovels trucks etc. must be placed in their proper space after using.

6. Rocks are not to be thrown.

7. Wood chips are not to be thrown.

8. Gates into the playground area are to be closed.

9. Equipment is designed to be used a certain way – please maintain this with your child.

Bad Weather Policy

We follow Round Rock ISD and their decisions. Should Round Rock ISD close school for inclement weather, COP will be closed.  In the event the district offers a 2 hour delay, COP will begin at 10:30 am with dismissal at our normal 2:00 time. We also remain apprised of the changing weather conditions through our National Weather Service Radio.

Please tune in to one of the local radio or television stations and check the preschool website for current school information should bad weather occur.

When Round Rock School District dismisses early due to bad weather, we will close early as well. All families will be called if this occurs.

Emergency Release

In the event an emergency affects a child, every attempt will be made to contact their parent or guardian. Should an emergency occur and a parent cannot be reached an emergency release form for each child, signed by their parent, is kept on file. This release states that a doctor may administer any necessary treatment should an emergency occur.