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Joy Lewis

Director of Council Oak Preschool
Phone: 512-255-9568
E-mail: joy@fumc-rr.org

Julie Roberson

Assistant Director of Council Oak Preschool
Phone: 512-255-9568
E-mail: julie@fumc-rr.org


Council Oak Preschool offers activities and experiences planned for the growth and development of the whole child.  This includes social, emotional, physical and cognitive stages of development.

Each child is unique and at a different stage of development.  Council Oak Preschool will work to assess and meet the needs of every child on an individual basis, providing the most appropriate approach for each student.

Our purpose is to develop an enthusiastic attitude toward learning.  It is our desire that we help each child become aware of God’s love, and in so doing, help them know what a special person he or she is through that love.

We strive to provide opportunities for each child to develop positive self concept; be accepting of others; be curious; be expressive; feel loved; feel secure; be full participants in God’s world.

Our program is carefully planned for the needs of young children.  Activities include stories, music, art, crafts, finger plays, physical education, games and other various experiences that meet the needs of children and stimulate their learning.  We offer a balance between free and structured play, quiet and active times, indoor and outdoor activities, along with group and individual experiences.

Council Oak Preschool is licensed by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services and follows the minimum standards as set forth by the state of Texas.  All staff is certified in CPR/First Aid, Child Abuse Prevention Training, along with an additional 24 hours of training each year.


 Social and Emotional

To help the child:

  • Grow in his/her ability to enjoy work and play with other children
  • Coordinate different points of view by cooperating and resolving conflict.
  • Cope with fears, anxieties, and frustrations constructively.
  • Develop an attitude of kindness and helpfulness towards others.
  • Feel secure in relationships with adults and other children


To help the child:

  • Develop the ability to concentrate and think independently.
  • Express ideas through language
  • Use initiative in pursing interests.


To help the child:

  • Participate in variety of fine and gross motor activities
  • Become aware of his/her body in the environment


To help the child:

  • Experience God’s love through loving, caring relationships with adults and other children.
  • Foster a belief in God as our Creator.
  • Develop positive character traits.


Council Oak Preschool believes that guiding young children toward appropriate and acceptable social behavior is one of our most important tasks. Effective classroom management ensures that children are constructively involved in activities that they enjoy and will help them learn. We strive to provide an environment that is thoughtfully planned, giving special attention to daily schedules, physical space, and providing stimulating activities. In this environment, inappropriate behavior is less likely to occur.

Each teacher is committed to helping your child feel safe and secure and provide sensible limits and genuine encouragement.
The staff shall not use abusive, neglectful, corporal, humiliating, or frightening punishment under any circumstances. No child shall be physically restrained unless it is necessary to protect the safety and health of the child or others.
Removal of a child is done infrequently and always be to a location when visual supervision by staff can be maintained.


  • Positive suggestions
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Redirection
  • Modeling


Children are placed in the appropriate class based on their age as of September 1. All two year old students are placed with peers who are within five months of each others birthday. All other classes are placed with a variety of birthdays as they do in the public schools. All three year old students must be “potty” trained before attending this program as we have no provisions to change them in Pod B.

Child/Staff Ratio
18 months to 23 months 8/9 children 2 teachers
2 year olds 10/11 children 1 teacher/1 assistant
3 year olds 10/11 children 1 teacher/1 assistant
4 year olds 12/13 children 1 teacher/1 assistant
5 year olds 12/13 children 1 teacher/1 assistant


We follow Round Rock ISD and their decisions. Should Round Rock ISD close school for inclement weather, COP will be closed.  In the event the district offers a 2 hour delay, COP will begin at 10:30 am with dismissal at our normal 2:00 time. We also remain apprised of the changing weather conditions through our National Weather Service Radio.

Please tune in to one of the local radio or television stations and check the preschool website for current school information should bad weather occur.

When Round Rock School District dismisses early due to bad weather, we will close early as well. All families will be called if this occurs.


In the event an emergency affects a child, every attempt will be made to contact their parent or guardian. Should an emergency occur and a parent cannot be reached an emergency release form for each child, signed by their parent, is kept on file. This release states that a doctor may administer any necessary treatment should an emergency occur.


Council Oak Preschool is committed to good nutrition as an integral part of the early childhood experience. Children benefit physically as well as mentally when they are taught good nutrition.All children need to bring a nutritious, balanced lunch from home each day. Each parent chooses their child’s meals and snacks. Council Oak Preschool is not responsible for the nutritional value or for meeting your child’s daily food needs Please pack lunches that do not require refrigeration or the microwave. We do not have refrigerators or microwaves in the classrooms. Please use containers that can be easily opened by your child.  Label all containers, thermoses, lunch boxes, etc  Please limit the use of sweets.

If snacks and meals are provided by a parent and shared by the entire class you must meet the needs of all children who require a special diet.  Children with food allergies are at risk when they eat foods which have not been prepared or served by their own parent. The following foods may cause choking in children, especially under the age of three:

  • Hot Dogs
  • Candy
  • Peas
  • Grapes
  • Raw carrots
  • Nuts
  • Corn

Please cut food into small bite size pieces.

Snacks are not provided on a regular basis, but cooking and tasting of different foods is an important aspect of our curriculum. If your child has food allergies, please indicate them on your enrollment form.



Tel: 512.255.9568 Fax: 512.341.8117


9 am - 2 pm, Monday - Friday

Mailing Address

Council Oak Preschool First United Methodist Church PO Box 1448 Round Rock, TX 78680

Physical Address

1004 North Mays Round Rock, TX

Staff Contacts

Joy Lewis

Director of Council Oak Preschool Phone: 512-255-9568 E-mail: joy@fumc-rr.org

Julie Roberson

Assistant Director of Council Oak Preschool Phone: 512-255-9568 E-mail: julie@fumc-rr.org